Designed for Routine Diagnostics

Automated analysis for multiplexed diagnostics
Fluorescence imaging
Open-platform analyzer
Adjustable for various sample formats
Quick and high-throughput readout
Incredibly robust and compact

Designed to bring the microarray technology from research to routine diagnostic labs

The SensoSpot® product line consists of Microarray Analyzers for fast-read out and analysis of multiplexed assays based on planar, low-density microarrays. Fluorescent microarrays can be read in two or three channels using the SensoSpot® Fluorescence. A wide range of fluorescent dyes are compatible. 

The SensoSpot® Microarray Analyzers are specifically designed for flexibility: customized printing by one of our partners offers open configuration of panels and custom definition of consumables. The compact SensoSpot® platform is equipped with a built-in PC, touchscreen and our powerful ArrayReader Software. Miltenyi Imaging has an efficient QM system which is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and provides the optimal basis of the certification of your IVD product.

SensoSpot® Microarray Analyzers employ a solid state camera-based concept which is different to the scanning technology used in standard microarray laser scanners. The SensoSpot® is equipped with a high-sensitive, low-noise CCD camera for detection. Illumination and fluorescence excitation is done with high power LEDs.

As the entire microarray image is captured with one camera shot, image acquisition and result calculation is faster than with laser scanning technology. No moving optical parts are needed which makes the SensoSpot® tremendously robust – no need for time-consuming installation and alignment or recalibration after transportation.

The instrument comes standard - at no extra cost - with our ArrayReader Software, a powerful and intelligent “on-board” instrument-control and array-analysis software. The microarrays are analyzed directly during measurement. Intelligent spot-finding- and analysis- algorithms ensure that each spot of the microarray is measured based on special spot characteristics.

To be closer to our customers and offer perfect support, Miltenyi Imaging partners with local representatives for selected countries. These representatives are responsible for sales and support of our SensoSpot® Microarray Analyzer product line. For other products or other countries please contact the worldwide headquarter in Germany.

Worldwide Contact
Miltenyi Imaging GmbH
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78315 Radolfzell

+49 7732 94030


Distributors for SensoSpot® Microarray Analyzers only

+86 21 54847570

South Korea
PCL, Inc.
+82 70 46733433

ILS - Interlab Service Ltd., Co
+7 495 6642884

G4 Technology Co., Ltd.
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Microarray Reader

SensoSpot® Fluorescence is a fully integrated, standalone instrument with touchscreen (optional) and built-in PC (optional). It has been designed especially for the fast and easy read-out and analysis of low density fluorescent microarrays with a minimum spot diameter of 50 µm.

SensoSpot® Fluorescence is an open platform reader capable of reading and analyzing arrays in various formats, such as slides, 96-well plates, or other proprietary formats not exceeding the dimensions of an SBS microplate. 

Two instrument versions are available:

  • Two excitation channels with green, red LEDs
  • Three excitation channels with green, red and blue LEDs


Resolution on the sample
6.7 µm/Pixel

Scan time for 96-well plate
<3 min. + integration time

Image format
16 Bit TIF, 8 Bit TIF

High Power LED, typ. 60mW

LED colors

Sample holder
SBS format microplates or 4 slides holder Adapter

Mechanical dimensions
W 440 mm | D 340 mm | H 210 mm

Weight (without touch screen)
15 Kg