Digital real-time
microscope platform

Premium desktop brightfield microscope for live imaging and scanning

Live examination of pathology samples
Display of different views side-by-side
Interactive Case Sharing
Remote real-time diagnostics
Intuitive scanning and digitizing
Permanent automatic focus control

Closing the gap between routine diagnosis and digital pathology

Our digital Brightfield Microscope is an innovative platform for pathology, combining the advantage of a conventional microscope and a modern digital scanner. SensoScope® is a customized OEM instrument. SensoScope® allows live viewing of specimen and - at the same time - offers all the power of the digital world, including digitizing of full slides in several focus levels. With this unique concept, SensoScope® is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the pathologist’s workflow and is a valuable tool for immediate diagnostics. Four slides can be analyzed in parallel enabling comparison of different cases, stainings or regions of interest. Up to 16 images as well as previously scanned slides can be displayed simultaneously side-by-side in the live mode. High power LED illumination, rapid autofocus technology, and high quality optical components ensure brilliant, crisp images. We use high-end cameras to provide high resolution in a large field of view. Miltenyi Imaging has an efficient QM system which is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and provides the optimal basis of the certification of your IVD product.

Immediate real-time visualization allows preliminary diagnosis before time consuming acquisition of scanning data. This leads to an efficient pathology workflow by storing relevant scan data only.

Live Microscopy Mode

  • Immediate display of 4 slides simultaneously
  • Ultra-rapid zoom-in and zoom-out of areas of interest (comparable to standard microscope) using the mouse wheel
  • Up to 16 different images can be rapidly displayed side-by-side
  • Already stored images can be easily added for comparison
  • Snapshots of areas of interest can easily be stored for analysis in 3rd party analysis Software

Intuitive Scanning Mode

  • Scan-areas  can be defined manually
  • Automated scanning based on profiles
  • Z-Stacking up to 10 planes
  • Automatic tissue detection
  • Intelligent pre-focusing steps

Interactive remote Case Sharing
Real-time remote microscope control in Live Microscopy Mode and Scanning Mode




Scan Speed
3 min/slide, 15x15mm, @270 µm/Px

Ultra rapid and reliable autofocus concept
Infrared and image based double autofocus

Available magnifications
2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X –

3 objectives motorized, down to 135nm/Pixel

High-Power LED illumination

digital camera
4 Megapxiel color

Display update rate
15 fps

Overview, Label and barcode reading

Multi-language software support

LIMS/HIS/LIS connectivity via HL7 prepared

Universal 85-264VAC, 47-63 Hz, 400W

W/D/H 50x50x60cm (20“x20“x24“)

30 kg