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At Miltenyi Imaging we are passionate about engineering and technology. We value team players who are flexible and capable of coming up with outside-of-the-box solutions. If that profile fits you we would like to hear from you.


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A modern workplace with the latest technology; appreciative corporate management with flat hierarchies; open and collegial corporate culture. We focus on work-life integration because work-life balance is a thing of the past for us. We are of the opinion that work and leisure should form an optimal symbiosis.

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Many hands make light work. We want to fulfill our mission together as a team, therefore we like to strengthen our solidarity at various events and experience unforgettable adventures together.




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Lake Constance

Who we are

Global provider of high quality and certified imaging equipment

What we do

Development and production of highly complex, integrated systems for biotechnology and clinical diagnostics

SensoScope® Brightfield

Digital real-time microscopy

Miltenyi Imaging's Digital Brightfield Microscope is fully motorized and is mainly used in pathology to detect tumors or tumor cells in tissue sections or smears. Quick decisions and expert opinions are often required. Therefore the pathologist can access the device remotely or give colleagues remote controlled access to the device.


Microarray Analysis

Miltenyi Imaging's Microarray Analyzers offer the possibility to analyze highly complex diagnostic tests. The tests themselves are produced by SensoSpot® customers and read with our SensoSpot®. This enables the quick and efficient generation of relevant data with minimal amounts of patient samples. For example, different allergens in blood can be tested in combination and food allergies diagnosed in the patient. Other applications are the diagnosis of infectious and autoimmune diseases or blood screening in blood banks.

Miltenyi Imaging

Development Projects

Miltenyi Imaging develops and produces highly specialized optical instruments for research and diagnostic applications in biotechnology and medicine. One of our most outstanding developments is a worldwide unique research microscope with which we provide scientists with completely new possibilities for examining cancer diseases in complex series of experiments. The instrument consists of high-precision moving units, pipetting systems for liquid reagents and sample preparation platforms. The optical core components for fluorescence imaging with a large number of color channels are integrated into the overall system. This is a highly innovative playground for developers as well as manufacturers, which makes it possible to express oneself and contribute one’s own ideas.

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