Simultaneous testing of a panel of markers
Acquisition of extensive amounts of information
Inclusion of internal controls
Savings in reagent consumables and labor
Only small amount of sample necessary
Increased throughput for routine diagnostics

Simultaneous measurement of several parameters in one sample

The trend towards personalized medicine requires better and more and more frequent diagnostic testing. Multiplexed analysis is a technique for making diagnostic testing faster and more affordable. The key to multiplexing is miniaturization: simultaneous detection and analysis of different analytes in the same reaction vessel using the same sample. Combining several tests results in significant savings in time and money.

Our Microarray Analyzers are designed for low density planar arrays with up to a couple of hundred multiplexed measurements. Customized microarray printing by one of our partners offers open configuration of panels and definition of consumables. The microarray might be located at the bottom of the wells of a 96-well plate, on glass slides, special biochips, or other custom formats. The 96-well format is ideally-suited for multiplexing ELISA assays because existing liquid handling equipment can be used.

Typical multiplexed assays include genotyping, DNA arrays, protein arrays, and multiplexed immunoassays, such as ELISAs. We are working flexibly with a network of experienced partners to create the best multiplexing solution for each customer.

Several applications are predestined for multiplexed diagnostics, depending on the amount of markers needed for diagnosis. Typical panels are created for diagnostic low-density microarray products:

  • Infectious Diseases
    • Assays for simultaneous determination of the presence or absence of certain pathogenic microorganisms in one sample
    • Mostly DNA based assays after PCR, often qualitative
    • E.g. testing of HPV, Respiratory Viruses, Borreliosis, Chagas disease
  • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Assays to determine multiple biomarkers in one sample
    • Protein based, mostly quantitative
    • E.g. testing for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Allergies
  • HLA typing
  • Blood Screening
  • Early stage testing of different cancer types

Application notes from SensoSpot® customers

With 15 years of experience in microarray analysis, We work together with companies from the Life Science and Diagnostics sector throughout the entire product life cycle. The result is a cost-efficient and application-tailored laboratory product for multiplexed diagnostics.



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