View, scan and store digital data from glass slides
Store and share digital slides via suitable networks
Compare and analyze different areas of multiple slides simultaneously
Maximize workflow efficiency by connecting different users
Share live views and digital slides for diagnostics, research or education
Process digital slides with software tools

Combined live imaging and scanning for efficient real-time diagnosis and collaborative data sharing

One of pathologists’ most important tools is the microscope. It is used for examining tissue sections or smears for research and clinical applications. Today, data processing, storing and sharing information is commonly realized in digital workflows. With our digital microscope pathologists benefit from a perfect combination of live imaging with the flexibility to investigate multiple slides in parallel.

For research applications pathologists aim to study modifications of cells and tissue that are caused by disease. This understanding helps to judge the effectiveness of treatments or medication. Such investigations are most efficient if multiple samples and different regions within a sample can be easily displayed next to each other and compared with reference samples from an external database on the same display.

In clinical applications fast diagnostic decisions during the course of surgery are made by specialized pathologists. Live imaging enables clinical staff to involve experts for joint analysis by sharing data with other teams. This helps, for example, to decide rapidly, whether a cancerous tissue was removed completely or further excisions are necessary.

We realized the VisionTek® Live Digital Microscope for Sakura Finetek. The project, which was executed in close collaboration with Sakura Finetek, included the development of an integrated imaging system with hardware and software. After a rapid transfer of the development results to routine manufacturing, the VisionTek instrument was produced at our facility in Radolfzell, Germany.


SensoScope® Brightfield

Digital real-time microscopy

A unique desktop system for various pathology applications e. g. cancer detection.